2013: Revitalizing the Hive at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center 


Poster for Utah's Beehive at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. Utah Cultural Celebration Center, 2013.


Clipping from Salt Lake City Weekly (Click Image to Read)

Following the traveling tours, The Grand Beehive became dormant, as most of the exhibit pieces went into the various collection holding facilities of the State of Utah. In 2012, Michael Christensen from the Utah Cultural Celebration Center (UCCC) and Carol Edison, then of the Utah Folk Arts Program decided to revisit and revitalize The Grand Beehive.

Recognizing the first exhibit's importance while also updating the subject, the re-presentation displayed pieces from The Grand Beehive alongside contemporary artists' modern interpretations of the beehive. The new exhibit, Utah's Beehive opened March 7, 2013, at UCCC. Along with other pieces from The Grand Beehive, items on display included:

  • Tom Young’s Neon Sign with a Beehive
  • Glen Thompson’s Beehive Saddle 
  • Bud King’s Beehive Quilt
  • Harry G. Taylor’s Beehive Quilt
  • Soda bottles from Beehive Beverages

Some of the many new pieces included

In addition to bringing an art experience to an underserved audience in the area, UCCC's Utah's Beehive reminded visitors of the beehive’s continuing importance and usage in Utah.

Scenes from the Exhibit