Entering the Hive: Introduction

"Beehives are everywhere." -Hal Cannon, The Grand Beehive, x.

Here in Utah, the Beehive State, there are beehives everywhere, from road signs to advertisements to architecture and souvenirs and everything in between. Why is that?

Since the pioneers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints first settled the area they called “Deseret,” the beehive became deeply embedded in all facets of Utah life. First as a religious symbol, representative of God’s Kingdom on Earth, then transitioning to a secular sign of industry.

However, the beehive stands for much more than just Utah’s state motto, “Industry.” This exhibit explores how and why Utahns, past and present, communicate using the beehive to isolate, initiate, integrate, invite, and intervene. Enter the hive, and soon you too will see beehives everywhere, buzzing with messages to share.

Exhibit Use Notes: For more information about the items included in this exhibit, click on the images.

Regarding Terminology: In acknowledgment of the desires of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be referred to by their “full and proper name,” this exhibit uses the full name where possible or the shortened phrases approved by their leaders (“Style Guide”). Any use of the terms “Mormon,” “Mormonism,” or “LDS” to refer to this group are used contextually in quotes or other historical references. Click here for more on the Church’s policies and preferences regarding terminology.