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First State Flag of Utah




Silk flag with blue field and gold metallic fringe around all sides with white twill binder. White embroidered design throughout blue silk depicts a shield showing a skep beehive surrounded by sego lillies with "Industry" above and "1847" below hive. Flanking each side of shield are U.S. flags with stars and stripes, and an eagle holding several arrows sits perched above shield. Spears or rods are crossing behind the shield. Below shield are the numbers "18" and "96." Below the numbers is the word "Utah." On white twill binder in ink it reads "Presented in year 1903 by the Utah State Society Daughters of the Revolution to Governor Heber M. Wells was official state flag and used on all state occasions until 1917."

This flag is the first state flag of Utah. Made in 1903, the design is based on the Utah state seal created by Harry E. Edwards and adopted by the State legislature in 1896. The flag was originally embroidered by Swedish immigrant Agnes Teudt Fernelius on blue dyed, Utah-grown homespun silk.

Governor Heber M. Wells formally commissioned the flag upon being invited to the St. Louis World’s Fair parade of the states. Wells approached the Utah State Society Daughters of the Revolution regent Julia Farnsworth. Each member of the USSDR contributed one dollar towards the making of the flag. After Governor Wells accepted the flag, it was discovered that the design didn’t quite match the state seal, and that the flag could only be a Governor’s regimental flag because it had not been made under the direction and approval of the State legislature. Taken to Utah artist H. L. A. Culmer to correct the design mistake on the flag, the ZCMI arts department then completed the design in 1903.

Known as the Governor’s flag, the flag was declared the official State flag design by the legislature in 1911, and used in State functions until about 1917.


Fernelius, Agnes Teudt




Utah State Archives




Utah Division of State History


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56 x 68 (in)



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