Keep on Buzzing: The Beehive's Grand Legacy


Promotional Piece for The Grand Beehive Exhibit. Utah State University Special Collections and Archives, 1981.

Both traditional and adaptive, the beehive was, is, and continues to be deeply embedded in Utah culture. Whether it is in celebration, promotion, inversion, remembrance, identification, or any other number of uses, Utah’s numerous grand beehives will certainly keep buzzing everywhere around the Beehive State.

How will you keep Utah's beehive buzzing?

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Decorative Beehive in Sidewalk, Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah State Archives, 1978.

I Spy a Beehive

"Bee" on the lookout for beehives. They certainly are everywhere in Utah. How many can you find? Where are they? What could they represent? Did anything surprise you?


USU Extension Beekeeping Class. Utah State University Extension, 2019.

Join the Hive

Meet up with local Utah bee associations. 


Honey Bees Resting on a Hydrangea Flower. Pixabay, 2017.

Bee Kind, Help a Hive

Real bees of all kinds are in danger. Do something to help Utah's honeybees and the 900+ species of bees native to the state. Check out this list of ideas to get started.