Living Waters Bucket

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Living Waters Bucket


Wood; Bucket; Tradition; Craft


Medium sized bucket with copper rings at top and bottom, heavy rope handle. Each stave is made from a different wood. Each wood is from a different part of the world. Each stave is a representation of all the different peoples of the earth. The bucket was made and assembled by the traditional craft of the cooper trade. Each stave was shaped using a drawknife while being held fast on a shave horse. The joints and angles are perfectly shaped on a cooper's plain. The staves are held together by a copper hoop that has been splayed and riveted on an anvil. The hoops are then driven home with a hoop driver. There is no glue or wax. The precise shaping of the staves and head along with the tightness of the hoops are what makes the bucket water tight. The hoops are hammered out on the anvil to fit the taper and size of the bucket. There is a gasket of cattail leaf used in the groove or croze.


Francis, Darold


Utah State Folk Arts Collection, 2016.06, Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts


Utah State Archives




Utah Division of Arts and Museums


Copyright All Years. Utah Division of Arts and Museums. All Rights Reserved.


11 x 11 (in)


Francis, Darold, “Living Waters Bucket,” Utah Folk Arts, accessed April 18, 2024,

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