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Shane Deeter


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Saddle Maker and Leather Worker

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Shane Deeter owns and operates Deeter Custom Saddlery since its establishment in 1995. Shane grew up on a working cattle ranch where his father taught him, among other things, leather tooling and repair. When Shane was 15 years old his father purchased shoe repair machinery and started a small boot and saddle repair business. Shane worked on and off in his father's shop until he went to boot making school. Soon after, he started making boots and saddles full time and established his own business while sharing a small shop space with his father. It didn't take long until a new larger shop was built and his father moved in with him. Now after 12 years in business, his experience as a leather worker and a cowboy, has made Shane Deeter and Deeter Custom Saddlery an excellent choice for cowboy gear that is not only beautiful but also durable, functional, and comfortable (taken from his website).



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